Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

What Would You Be Able to Accomplish Without Anything Holding You Back?

Have you had enough of searching endlessly for the ‘next big thing,’ that is going to solve all of your problems? Have ever you considered that the answers you’re looking for might already be within you?
We are all more than the physical body we inhabit here on this Earth. We are infinite spirit and have lived out countless lives before this one. But in doing so, we’re subjected to many traumas that go unresolved that we carry with us – lifetime after lifetime.
Beyond Quantum Healing aids you in throwing off those negative influences of the past. It allows you to reset yourself on the mental, emotional and spiritual level, so you can achieve exactly what you came to do in this life, embodying your true authentic self.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is rooted in the teachings of Dolores Canon and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which she developed in the 1970s. The intention, core theory and desired outcome remains the same within each modality – to help you overcome your struggles in the present by exploring the events of your past. Traditionally, within the QHHT model, this would most commonly result in past life regressions.

However, as our collective consciousness continues to expand, increasing numbers of people are experiencing deeper and more varied journeys through having a BQH session(s). These experiences range from Past to Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives On Other Planets, the Life In Between Lives and even Lives In Other Dimensions! Although QHHT is fantastic modality in its own right, a BQH session is structured in such a way that it enables you access the memories of those events with greater ease.
Another key difference between Beyond Quantum Healing and QHHT is that it allows for a more flexible approach. QHHT asks the practitioner to stick to a strict set of guidelines, which isn’t always helpful. BQH on the other hand doesn’t have these limitations or work in such a prescriptive manner, and actively encourages the use of any complementary modalities that will improve the overall experience. At present, my own personal practice incorporates elements of Soul Line Therapy, Theta Therapy and NLP where appropriate.

Online Sessions

Beyond Quantum Healing embraces the idea of offering online sessions to those who’re either more comfortable in their own home, or else are unable to travel to see their preferred practitioner. And while in-person sessions are fantastic, and do have their advantages, online sessions can be equally as powerful and sometimes even more so, due to the relaxing effect a familiar environment has on the person receiving BQH.
The format for online sessions is exactly the same as those taken in-person and doesn’t leave out any of the necessary steps for you to enjoy a successful outcome. And despite what you may think about doing this work over long distances, it’s entirely possible call in your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Team. Physical distance is physical world problem – it doesn’t apply to the unseen world or lessen the effectiveness of modalities such as BQH when being offered remotely.


Online sessions are just as powerful as in-person ones, and it’s a format I’m beginning to favour more due to flexibility it offers to both parties. We have access to this amazing technology that can connect us easier than ever before, so why not take advantage? All that’s required is a laptop, strong internet connection and the Zoom app (available for free download here). I’ve even given many successful sessions in the past to people who only had access to a smart phone!

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