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Ease With Your Body

Would you like to experience more ease with your body?

Whether you are in pain, experiencing insomnia, or currently suffering from “dis-ease” with your body – there are body processes that can facilitate change for you.

Are you concerned about aging – the looks or the “feelings, judgments, and ailments” that seem to go along with aging – there are body processes that can facilitate change for you.

What if your body communicates with you through what you have been calling pain, disease, and aging? What if you have been aligning and agreeing with those diagnoses? What if that is exactly what has been contracted and locked into your body? What if there were different choices – different and more easeful approaches? What if your body “knows” there is something else available?

Have you tried unsuccessfully to overcome physical conditions through traditional medical modalities? Are you someone who is taking medications for symptoms that are not responding or changing? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Could there possibly be an alternative?

Specific Body Processes

There are over 50 different body processes with some that are quite specific. A few of them are ~

  ● Energetic Facelift ~ facilitates lifting of the entire body making you feel and look younger
  ● Cellular Memory ~ unlocks the polarity of scar and injured tissue allowing the return of normal functioning
  ● Abuse Hold ~ allows the body to gently dissipate the trauma of any type of abuse ~ physical, sexual, mental, emotional
  ● Vision Process ~ many people report being able to go without reading glasses for extended periods of time!
  ● Many more!

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Allow your body to return to its natural state of health and vibrancy!

These dynamic hands-on body processes are simple and yet effective. The beauty of these body processes is that they activate your body’s own natural healing capacities in a very gentle and relaxing manner. Your body chooses what it requires and what will be the greatest contribution for healing and change!

These processes work on children and animals as well. There is a process for everyone.

Purchase a 5 Session Package and Receive the 6th Session Free!

 ● Body Process Sessions for Adults: $90
 ● Body Process Sessions for Children: $60
 ● Body Process Sessions for Animals: $60
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