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Since Mary did the Molecular Degeneration technique on me, many things have changed for me and weight loss is the wonderful side effect. I am not spending as much time at the computer, I’m exercising 3 times a week (Qi Gong and aerobics), and meditating at least 20 minutes daily.

These are things I wanted to get into my life for a long time, but lacked the motivation to really stick to it. I have stopped the junk food and listen to my body when food outside my meals is offered to me. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat.

It seems easier now for some reason. I’m drinking more water and haven’t had a desire for Diet Coke in week which is a miracle in itself. Each night before I fall asleep, I thank my body for all it does for me and has done for me in the past.

I thank it for keeping me healthy and working so hard through many stressful times. I’m very grateful to Mary and the Access processes for the inspiration to get on with my life and put healthy choices back into it
~ L. deJoly

Mary, I am feeling much better!! Mary’s energy is such an embrace of LOVE!! You will love the astounding well-being which you will experience with her work.

Do not hesitate, call her, make that appointment, and experience her very powerful, loving energy and see your life soar!! Thanks, Mary, so much for YOU!! What a LOVE and LIGHT you are to this world. I am sooo grateful YOU are in my life
~ Dr. Rossee McLellan

Over the last few months I have had great loss in my life as all of us have at different time in our lives. Now mine was over and over and over very close together, faster than I could process so things for a bit became a lot closed off. I was just shoving it down! Not good.

I could not figure out where to start, I almost shut down. But I’ve known Mary for a long time I knew she was doing something called body processing and a process called bars. Energy transference.

And I have said this to her I don’t really understand but I went in with an open mind. Because I was at the bottom emotionally, and this is the honest truth one and a half hours later I walked out with the fog lifted, the dagger out of my heart and the weight off my shoulders.

Even I had a hard time believing it. No, I am not over every thing, but my door is now open, I see light instead of darkness a new beginning to my emotional healing! I’m not saying this is for everyone, but for me this and Mary are a blessing! And no this is not a replacement for my faith, this is alternative healing here on earth!

I didn’t have to have a pill to do it, not that a pill is bad, just not for me. Love to all , thanks for reading and thank you Mary from the bottom of my heart
~ B. Stevens

Thank you for so much, Mary Causby Evans for my “Access Consciousness and Bars” session this week. My mind has been on overdrive and on the brink of exhaustion. I had not been able to sleep for weeks and after my session with you I’ve been sleeping better and able to get out of my head.

The last session I requested some help with my block with creativity. Without going into detail, one of the most noticeable issues I have been having has been tremendously better. I have gotten an amazing amount of work done this weekend. Not just my art projects but a lot of things I have been putting off.

Thank you so much for your gentleness, compassion and the heart you have for helping others. I recommend anyone that needs to reboot their system or brain to go see Mary Evans
~ Michelle Pasley

A few weeks ago, I experienced an Access Consciousness Bars session done by Mary Causby Evans! I went because I was feeling old, tired, mentally out of whack, having trouble letting go to fall asleep, and to have some me time.

Y’all, I was so relaxed I was snoring! Mary asked me to see what changed after my session and I can honestly say, I still feel tired (I’m a mother … duh) but I no longer feel old! I’ve been going to sleep easier and that day was the MOST relaxed I have felt in a long time! Thank you, for a wonderful session
~ Cherilyn Humphrey Selman

I had a wonderful, peaceful, super relaxing session this afternoon with Mary Causby Evans. Relaxing and rejuvenating for mind, body and spirit! AND my back, which has really been bothering me, feels much better than it has all week!! I can stand up without grimacing! Thank you so much, Mary!! Y’all should check out her services!”
~ Ellen Thompson

Mary gave me so much inspiration and she is a great giggle too. So much fun to meet her and we all need that in times that are to be even better. She is very welcoming, and has some powerful tools up her sleeve.

She helped me in very little time when I was in a crisis. With just a few clearings I cried my eyes for about 5 minutes, then then felt lots of relief which I was desperate for at the time.

Thanks so much for inviting me into more of my own potency. I look forward to coming into more skill and experience with TTTE and Access, my own knowing and sharing the great stories with you.

~ Emma, Leeds, UK

Thank you for helping me access a slice of heaven during our wonderfully relaxing session today. I am feeling wonderful.”
~ Iva Palmer

A year ago I lost my best brother unexpectedly and I didn’t know how to grieve, cope, or handle the situation. The last thing I wanted to do is go talk to someone about it for an hour because all that would lead to is crying and a lot of emotion. I needed a way to release all of the buildup of sadness that was overwhelming my body.

I was at the point in my life that every day was a new challenge. I couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing a song that would make me cry. I couldn’t go out in public and not run into someone that knew me and bring it up. I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to go back to my happy self. That’s when I was introduced to Mary and was told to go in with an open mind.

At first I was very skeptical because I had never heard of this kind of healing therapy before. I thought that there is no way this could help me. After about two sessions I realized I was wrong. After the first few sessions with Mary running bars I would leave feeling re-energized and a clear mind.

Then I began noticing that my panic attacks and sudden rush of sadness I was feeling when I had a reminder of him was getting less often to the point that it stopped after a few weeks. After a few more sessions I was ready to release all of the sadness. One day I was having a horrible day for many reasons and wanted to call Mary to cancel my session. For some reason I changed my mind and went anyway. While running bars that day I was able to release all this emotion that had built up over those past months.

I am not one to cry or let people see me fall apart but Mary was able to help my body get past all of that and help my body grieve. Before seeing Mary my anxiety level was a 10. I was having to go see my primary doctor every few weeks to check my heart because I was so sick and having panic attacks often.

After my sessions with Mary I haven’t seen a doctor for any heath reasons nor have I had any panic attacks. At the time I did not realize how much she was helping and healing my body. I would say now my anxiety level is a 1 compared to the 10 I had been coming in with … it is amazing! After my 6 week sessions ended, I worried that it would all start coming back but thankfully it hasn’t. I now feel I am able to live my life again happily with my brother even though he isn’t here he is all around me in all that I do.

~ AnnMarie Bojo

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to my Consciousness Bars session with Mary, but I am so glad I set up the appointment! The process is hypnotically relaxing and calming, which was exactly what I needed with my past anxiety problems.

I could feel different energies flow through my whole body when she put pressure on the different parts of my head. I also had several “dream-like” visions of happy times in my life, things I needed to let go of, and other seemingly random things! The best way I can put it is that the release of all these stored energies in my brain (which I didn’t even know I had) felt like my aura was being dusted with purity and light.

I would definitely suggest having this process done if you have suffered from anxiety, or would like to feel refreshed and rejuvenated
~ Emily P.

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